Patreon launch

I am now on Patreon! Wait, what? How did that happen?

A year ago, I started an experiment to see if, by dedicating enough time to free software projects, I could live on donations from the community alone. I am happy to say the answer is yes, I can! Thanks to everyone who participated, we hit the funding goal in every single month from December 2014 to April 2015. During that time, many exciting features for OpenMW were made possible, most notably the move to the OpenSceneGraph rendering toolkit and resulting rewrite of the rendering code. There is no way I would have been able to decide on, design and implement such a daunting project if not for the support from you guys. Once again, thank you!

The experiment has been on hold for a few months now, due to me catching up on real life activities, doing some consulting work to save up for a new PC, and finally taking over two months to purchase and set up that PC (more on that in the last blog post). With all that out of the way, I am ready to take my experiment to the next level. By moving to Patreon, I am hoping to get funded permanently, and set a precedent for other free software developers doing the same.

So, if you like what I am doing, consider supporting me on Patreon over here. Information on where the money is going, what you can expect in return and more can be found in the description. Cheers!

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