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So this is just a quick write up of important chromium extensions that I currently use, just for my own reference in case my user profile suffers a catastrophic failure or something. But maybe there are a couple extensions in here that you guys didn’t know about and might find useful, so I figured to post it on the blog. Here we go!

Lazarus: Form Recovery

Have you ever written a lengthy text post, hit “submit” and have the whole thing disappear because the connection timed out, or the forum asked you to login, or told you that you can not post more than once every 30 seconds? Lazarus is here to bring you salvation. Everything you type into a textfield is saved automatically and can be restored by hitting the icon in the upper right corner, even if you have refreshed the page or browsed elsewhere. This extension has saved my ass so many times, it’s amazing.


Blocks social network buttons such as “Tweet this!” / “Share this!” from many sites. I don’t use social networks, so the buttons are useless for me. Even if I did use social networks, I would still find those buttons clunky and useless. They can also (and often do) track the sites that you visit.

I don’t care about cookies

This is an extension I only found today, wish I had known about it sooner!

Ever get annoyed by those pesky “Our site uses cookies” pop ups that many sites are riddled with nowadays? Unfortunately these are mandated because of a silly law in the EU. The whole idea is just broken. 99.9% of today’s websites use cookies, so I really don’t need to know that. Especially annoying when the notification is a modal dialog that prevents me from using the site until I grudgingly click “Accept”. And the fact that I accepted the notification is of course going to be stored as… you guessed it… a cookie. So for anyone who wants no cookies, or browses anonymously, the usability of the site will be crippled.

This extension effectively removes these annoying pop ups. If you do come across a site that the extension didn’t work for, make sure to right click and select “Report a cookie warning” so the developer can fix it.

If you don’t care about cookies, then this extension is for you. Even if you do care about cookies, you should still get this extension, and just use your browser’s cookie notification facilities in place of the site’s. It’s a win/win for everyone!

Turn Off the Lights

Useful for video streaming sites. Fades the background to dark, so you can focus on the actual video. Also great for reducing strain on the eyes.

Speed Dial 2

More customization for the array of sites displayed on the New Tab page. Sometimes nags you to upgrade to a “Pro” version, but not very often.

Adblock Plus

Pretty self explanatory.

HTTPS Everywhere
Do Not Track

More security, less tracking. How can you say no to that?

Are there any extensions that you can’t live without? Feel free to let me know in the comments down below.

One thought on “Some useful browser extensions

  1. soder

    Extensions I can’t live without? Sure, I’ll bite:

    uBlock Origin
    First of all, I prefer uBlock Origin over Adblock Plus. In my experience it both blocks better and is faster. Before the switch I also had to use both Adblock and Adblock Plus to get rid of everything.

    Lets me surf faster by not having to click page 2, 3 etc. Doesn’t work well with Github though, so have to manually ignore that site.

    Gestures for Google Chrome
    Bind the things you do often to mouse gestures. E.g. UP + RIGHT I’ve bound to close tabs to the right and UP + LEFT I’ve bound to close all other tabs. Have other ones for duplicate tab etc, etc.

    Makes Wikipedia look better and allows for faster navigation.

    Note that I’ve got double the amount of extensions, but these are the ones I can’t live without (that you haven’t already mentioned, such as Lazarus) or would hurt productivity to no have.


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