Various open-source projects that I have contributed to over the years. A more comprehensive list can be found on my GitHub and OpenHub profiles.


StuntRally is a racing game with some crazy elements – pipes, loops, hovercrafts, space ships, weird sceneries… It also features an online multiplayer mode, replays, and comes with its own track editor.

I worked on the initial linux port, and then on improving graphics. This is where I acquired most of my knowledge on Ogre3D and writing shaders. I’m currently not very active in this project anymore, but I hope I can find the time to get back to it at some point!


OpenMW is a new engine for the role-playing game Morrowind. Started by Nicolay Korslund, it has been in development since 2008 – but only picked up considerable momentum in 2012 (coincidentally, the year that I joined). As of now, almost all features from the original engine have been implemented, and Morrowind and its official expansions are playable.


This is only a small project that I don’t even use anymore, but I list it here anyway for nostalgia-related reasons.

Rhythmbox-Record-Station is a plugin for the Rhythmbox media player allowing you to record internet radio streams to your hard drive.

I made this back in 2008 and I consider it to be my first “serious” project. It taught me a lot about collaboration in FOSS software. Through community efforts, the plugin has been updated for newer versions of Rhythmbox (now on GitHub) and should still work to this day (though it’s been a while since I last checked this).